Expat life

I’m not sure anything can prepare you for the experience of moving to Sierra Leone, particularly if you’ve never lived in Africa before and especially if, like us, you have a youngster or two to consider.

So if, like me, your experience of this enormous landmass amounts to a day trip to Marrakesh, then you’re likely to be in for a shock on so many levels.

However, these pages aim to give those moving here – or visiting for any period of time – a flavour of what to expect.

They are based on personal experience and not intended as a comprehensive guide. For that, I’d recommend the Bradt guidebook by Katrina Manson and James Knight.

Written and updated before the 2014 Ebola outbreak, some of the information is outdated. However, it remains an essential and very readable companion.

For more up-to-date info and advice, your first port of call should be the Freetown Announce Yahoo Group. It can be an excellent source of information from locals and expats about all things Salonean.