Riding the rollercoaster of expat life in Sierra Leone with my wife (she’s The One With The Common Sense) and toddler daughter, The Flump. It all started with an eventful flight to Freetown…

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To be continued?

It’s been more than three months and we’ve been away from Sierra Leone for long enough to have started missing it.

Every so often, when we pause for breath from our busy “normal” lives, we find ourselves missing the colour, the chaos and sheer fascination of life in Freetown.

And we felt that more keenly than ever during our journey to London to attend last Friday’s UK Blog Awards finals. As usual, we were running late and hadn’t found time to eat either side of dropping the Flump with my sister-in-law.

With our train still 30 minutes outside the capital, the One With the Common Sense remarked: “This is where you miss being able to yell out of the window for a bag of popcorn or plantain chips.” Continue reading

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