Haven of tranquility


As we glided silently over the barely rippling waters of the River Moa, listening to the myriad exotic birdcalls, I finally understood.

This was why Tiwai Island is hailed as the jewel in the crown of Sierra Leone’s natural splendour, and by many as the country’s number one destination full-stop.title

A landscape straight out of Jurassic Park – of exotic palms, 200-foot kapok trees and giant bamboo plants – was mirrored with the fading sun on the water.

And with a solitary fisherman in a dugout canoe for company, my sexagenarian father-in-law and I felt like little boy explorers on a storybook adventure. Continue reading

I fought the law and… The Flump won


I knew she’d come in handy one day

When the cop flagged me down, I knew what was coming.

I’d previously given a couple of his colleagues the swerve by pretending not to see them while negotiating roundabouts.

But as this bloke was standing directly in front of me, it was either run him over or stop and face the music. I wound down the window and offered my sunniest persona. He asked to see my licence.

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