Our next adventure…

We finally have confirmation of something we’ve been fairly certain of for a few weeks – that our time in Sierra Leone is drawing to a close.

The One With The Common Sense has been offered a new job and handed in her notice. We expect to be heading to pastures new in January.

It wasn’t our intention to leave Sierra Leone quite so soon but this post required a January start and was too good an opportunity to miss. Continue reading

Did the Earth move?

We’re fairly well accustomed to sleeping through seriously noisy nights, with rain hammering on our corrugated metal roof.

And we had plenty of thunder crackling around at the start of the rainy season.

But at 4.30am on Monday, a noise like no other made me shoot bolt upright.

A deafening noise rumbled apocalyptically around Freetown’s mountainous borders, echoing around the compass points like it’d never end. Continue reading